I’ll never forget my first scrunchie. My Nan bought it for me off a market stall sometime in the 80s. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was in the lower half of secondary school and probably not as grown up as my peers. I lacked style and was clueless about fashion, but I did know I liked these puffy bits of stretchy fabric the other girls were suddenly wearing in their hair. Out of all the scrunchies on the market stall that day, I chose a day-glow yellow one. I still to this day don’t understand why.

On the first Monday back to school after the summer holidays, I couldn’t wait to wear my new scrunchie. For once I would be wearing the latest fashion and maybe, just maybe, I might fit in with everyone else! I was wrong of course. Perhaps if I had been in primary school my day-glow yellow scrunchie might have been the cause of much admiration and even envy, but I wasn’t in primary school and instead it just gave my teenage peers another reason to ridicule me. I will never ever forget the boy who came up behind me, yanked at my ponytail and said I looked like I was wearing a pair of yellow knickers in my hair!

So yeah kids, in answer to your question, I do know what a scrunchie is! Can I make you some? Oh okay, but honestly they’re that easy you could do it yourself. Yes you are allowed to use my sewing machine and yes you probably can remember my slightly more stylish black velvet one and the sensible navy jersey one that I was still wearing when you were little. Make me one while you’re at it.

Scrunchies made by one of my daughters.

Seriously though, I’m now considering making a few in vintage fabrics to sell so if you fancy one and would rather buy than sew your own then watch this space. I definitely won’t be making any day-glow yellow ones though!

It’s been weeks since my last post. It doesn’t feel like weeks, but looking back over photographs I suppose it must be. Since my last post I have managed to get out of the house a bit more. My Covid anxiety has lessened a bit and I seem to have had a reason to get out to the post box most days in the last couple of weeks thanks to a flurry of Etsy sales. One day last week I extended my walk beyond the post box and ended up meandering through the gravestones in our local cemetery. It’s a peaceful place to walk. I like to study the names on the stones if they are still legible and the different carvings and engraving styles.

On this particular day, I was disturbed by a flapping and fluttering above me so, I looked up to see a sizeable flock of bright green birds taking flight. If you live in certain parts of the UK, like London for example, you are probably not a stranger to seeing these things but to a northerner who thinks a Goldfinch looks exotic, it’s quite a thing to see a flock of such brightly coloured birds in the sky. I came home and did a bit of Googling and discovered they were very likely Ring Necked Parakeets. I was lucky enough to find a feather to take home!

This week I extended one of my post box trips into the park instead. It was busy and at times a challenge for me but I managed to loop round the lake which is something I have been unable to do since before lockdown because the path narrows in places and the thought of someone coming the other way panicked me too much. I’m glad I made myself do it. I wouldn’t have caught sight of this late brood if I hadn’t. You will have to excuse the slightly blurry photograph, but they just wouldn’t keep still even though I asked nicely! Lovely though it was to see the fluffy babies, I think I’ll stick to the cemetery for now as it’s so much quieter. I imagine these little ducklings will have grown a lot next time I see them.

On weekends when my husband is home we travel further afield, we seem to have made a habit of it. A flask of coffee and a small picnic to share wherever our travels take us. The weekend before last it was Rosedale in the North York Moors, last weekend it was a spot on the Durham Heritage coast. We don’t usually walk long or far. I’m not in the greatest of health at the moment and the inactivity of lockdown has made things even more of a struggle but I’m hoping I can build myself back up to whole hiking days!

Found on a beach.
Rosedale, North York Moors.

I’ve managed to stitch a few new cards over the past few weeks but mostly I have been sourcing more vintage clothing for the shop. I’m finding that selling a mixture of handmade and vintage is working for me. Sometimes I have creative blockages and sewing and stitching becomes a chore whilst at other times I find photographing and preparing items of clothing for sale a chore. Usually if I’m not in the mood for one I am able to focus on the other so in that sense I no longer have the periods of inactivity that sometimes caused my old shop to stagnate. Currently I am focused on the vintage but it’s a slow process trying to juggle family commitments and the shop so I am only able to list a couple of items at a time. I’m hoping I will be able to put more time in once the summer break is over.

Vintage dresses
Set of 3 hand stitched patchwork cards