I’ve no idea how many weeks of lockdown we are on now but it is definitely months and not days or weeks. But I didn’t set up this space because of lockdown or to moan about it, I only mention it because it has taken me all that time for me to feel at all creative, be it in the literal making something sense or in the thinking and writing sense. I put it down largely to the fact that I currently share my space with three other people trying to work and study from home and being ‘mum’ means I have been the glue holding everything together, providing the meals and clean laundry. If I’m honest this is pretty much our normal anyway but everyone suddenly being home full time created a lot more work, especially in the kitchen! As things started to settle I began to find a new rhythm and started to get out the sewing machine again. Rather appropriately, one of the first things I made was a cover for my sewing machine to replace the flimsy vinyl one that came with the machine when I got it eleven years ago. The fabric is one of my absolute favourite vintage Laura Ashley prints called Wild Clematis and was originally a duvet cover I found on Ebay. I did consider using it as a duvet cover but the fabric is perhaps a little too fragile now to stand up to regular washing so I added it to my fabric store instead.

I always look for used items when I need something and this week my virtual rummaging for thrifty second hand things brought me this beautifully embroidered cardigan and a leather satchel. The cardigan is so pretty but I am really excited about the leather satchel becacuse It’s something I have been looking for for quite some time. Most are too big for my needs but this one is perfect and I know I will be using it forever or until it drops to bits!

You can’t beat a bit of second hand retail therapy to lift the spirits but this morning it was definitely these lovely big courgette flowers doing the job as I sipped my coffee in the garden at 7 am.

These are nearly all the early male flowers but I did spot one little tiny fruit starting to form so there maybe a tiny courgette to show you next week. My tomato is flowering too but it’s the first time I have grown one a, outdoors and b, in this particular garden so I’m not confident they will get enough heat and light to set fruit properly but the fun is in the growing so it won’t be a complete waste of time if they don’t fruit.

So these are my days. Sewing and growing during the day and watching the television with my husband in the evenings. We’re working our way through Upstairs Downstairs (1970s) at the moment and I’m loving all the Edwardian costumes and decor in addition to the gripping story lines! I’ve become more interested in the period since we bought our 1910 house. Unfortunately a lot of the original character was long gone before we moved in, but I hope to bring a little tradition back over time by choosing appropriate decor and furniture. I often wonder who might have lived here during past decades. How did the first and second world wars affect them? Did children live here? What did my living room look like when it was built or in the 1930s or even the 80s? What was the kitchen like before it was extended? I guess I’ll never know for sure but I’m starting to get a better idea the more I research. Perhaps it’s something I can explore more as this blog evolves.